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Stòrlann’s resources are divided into three programmes:

  • Resources for high school Gaelic and Gaelic (Learners)
  • Resources for high school subjects taught via Gaelic Medium
  • Resources for nursery and primary schools

Occasionally Stòrlann undertakes projects for other organisations and some have produced resources in this way for adults who are learning Gaelic.




Speech Therapy and Gaelic


Roald Dahl in Gaelic

Level 2- CFE

These notes give you some assistance in improving the reading skills of children. There are also suggestions for conversation, listening and writing activities.

Icon: PDF Notes for teachers and pupil tasks


Notes for teachers and pupil tasks

'Leugh agus Leasaich' provides development opportunities for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas including
• reading
• listening and talking
• writing
• history

Icon: PDF Leugh agus Leasaich


World War 2

An inter-disciplinary resource has been produced to support the teaching of this subject in P4 – 7 in the primary school.

It contains useful plans and resources in connection with the following – Home, Evacuation of Children, Anne Frank, The Blitz, Prisoners of War and Women’s Work.



'Smathsin - Gaelic Comic - No 5 Out now!

Language Resources - Table Mat, Sentence Maker, Loop Sentences, Answer Cards, Prepositional Pronoun Posters and Alphabet placemat.

Language Resources

Great resources for use in the classroom! Check them out now!

Fileanta - cruinneachadh ùr de stuthan a tha freagarrach airson N4/5 Gàidhlig a theagasg.




Fileanta is a new collection of multi-media resources for pupils studying Gàidhlig at N4 and N5 stages.

Graphic: Bi Sunndach agus Seinn


The Bi Sunndach agus Seinn music book contains 34 songs, rhymes and games which are designed to engage and stimulate children of all abilities.

Although many of the songs are new, there are some familiar favourites including 8 traditional songs which have been given a new treatment.

By participating in these fun musical games, children will learn key musicianship skills such as listening, turn taking, keeping the beat, feeling the rhythm and becoming pitch aware.

Language Framework

The Framework was produced to provide a Gaelic learning structure for pupils in Gaelic Medium Education who do not have Gaelic as a first language. The framework covers each level from nursery to high school.

It was produced following requests from, and with the assistance, of primary and secondary teachers.

Icon: PDFLanguage Framework


IntoFilm - Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle

Stòrlann have assisted IntoFilm in the production of new Gaelic educational resources based on the film ‘Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle’.

The resources are aimed at Primary (second level: P4-7) and Secondary (third and fourth levels: S1-4) and are focused across different themes:


  • Storytelling
  • The clearances
  • Local area
  • Myths and legends


  • Exploring the world of Seachd
  • Identity through film
  • Relationships and wellbeing

The resources include teachers' notes, interactive PowerPoint presentations featuring clips from the film and supporting worksheets, in both Gaelic and English. The Secondary resource can also be used to prepare learners for using Seachd as a text in national assessment as they go into Senior Level.

The resources are available for download at //www.intofilm.org/seachd-gaelic-resource


PE Posters

13 Physical Education Posters

Daydream Education originally published these posters in English as a teaching resource for Physical Education teachers. Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig are delighted to have been permitted to publish them in Gaelic. The posters are based on subjects which are part of the curriculum for primary and secondary Physical Education.

The pictures and graphics used in them are colourful and attractive, and there is no doubt that they will assist in teaching and stimulating interest in the pupils, not only in Physical Education but in Health and Wellbeing as well.

Stòrlann have published the posters in two sizes, A2 and A3. The A2 size is especially suitable for use in the gym and the smaller ones can be used for presentation in class and on corridor walls in the school.

We very much hope that teachers and pupils alike enjoy the resource. Stòrlann welcomes opinions and requests from staff and pupils; please feel free to contact us at any time at oifis@storlann.co.uk or on 01851 700 880.


Tobar an Dualchais

Guidance on recordings found on Tobar an Dualchais

A selection of useful recordings are now available at:



Gaelic Giglets

Giglets stories are sometimes-famous and sometimes-nearly-forgotten classics that have been re-imagined and adapted for a modern audience.

Giglets has partnered with Gaelic Books Council and Storlann to develop the ‘Giglets ann an Gaidhlig’ series of adapted animated classics in modern Scottish Gaidhlig.

The ‘Giglets ann an Gaidhlig’ series is distributed throughout Gaelic Medium Education schools in Scotland.

Shared Writing

Cèaird an Sgrìobhaiche

A collection of more than 30 texts which can be used in Shared Reading and Shared Writing work in upper primary and lower secondary.

The texts in the book are in four sections: non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and Gaelic folklore.

The background section gives the source of the story, a little about the type of writing, and information about the author.

There are useful suggestions for teachers on ways in which students’ reading and writing can be directed through conversation, drama, activities and so on.

Read more - Cèaird an Sgrìobhaiche

This is a collection of engaging new short stories from new writers such as Karen Mackinnon and David Martin, and from experienced writers such as Donald John MacIver.

These stories will take the reader on a journey from despair to hope, from Scotland to Haiti, and from gloominess to happiness.

The stories explore different aspects of life, the tiny details and the big questions.

Read more and see the teacher's notes



Stòrlann Viking Resource

The Vikings

More than a thousand years have passed since Scotland was in the grip of the Vikings. A

t that time they were known as a powerful, angry and frightening race.

A thousand years on, we still don't have a full picture of the Vikings and what they got up to.

This resource was created so that pupils can learn about them in a stimulating way. Find out more here...





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We now have Fo Bhruid (Kidnapped) some of the short stories from Eadar dà Sgeul available as downloadable or streaming audio files. A selection of them are read by the author themselves.




Image: KindleE-books are now available for E-readers and Kindle devices. You can download Kindle for PC here.




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