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Graphic Text : A' toirt taic do dh'fhoghlum Gàidhlig gu nàiseantaGraphic: Kids reading book
Graphic: A'Chaileag Starraig

Droch ràith Mairead, Droch shaoghal BJ and Shenanigans Shen

Three new humorous books from Stòrlann for the secondary school, Droch ràith Mairead, Droch shaoghal BJ and Shenanigan's Shen. Each of the three main characters in the stories give accounts of humorous incidents involving those living with them. All of the stories from the three books involve the same characters which intertwine to produce a series which children will enjoy as would the adults. The style of writing is suitable for both learners and fluent speakers of all levels in the secondary school. There is a double CD which goes with the series and has been recorded in both fluent and learner format. We hope that you enjoy reading these books and would encourage you to get in touch with us with any views.

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