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Graphic: Goireasan bho Stòrlann

Topic packs for S1 to S3

Stòrlann has prepared topic packs for Gàidhlig classes between S1 and S3.  The packs, eight altogether, have been written by four different writers and deal with a variety of themes, including literature, news, work and pastimes.  They will hopefully give pupils the opportunity to enhance their skills in the four main areas of listening, talking, reading and writing and are aimed at Level 3 in the Curriculum for Excellence.

There are now two packs with listening extracts online: Criomagan Litreachais by Donald J MacIver, and An t-Àm airson nan Naidheachdan by Gillebrìde MacMillan. It would be very useful to get your comments on the packs and more titles will be available soon.

In the pack An t-Àm airson nan Naidheachdan, pupils have the chance to read the news on screen (Autocue PDF). They need only press the return key on the computer to go to the next piece of news. Are there are lot of budding newsreaders out there?


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