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Catrìona air chuairt


Catriona calls again

We have four new books in the Catrìona series for pre-school and early years. Ist and Faigh Iasg Dhòmhsa are based on the topics food and shopping. Then we have Spòrs le Sgudal and Gluasad Gleusta which are based on building as an industry. There are packs of support materials to accompany the books and soon you will receive cd-roms on which there will be audio versions of the books and further activities.

Teachers’ notes for these are available below.


Icon: PDF Faigh Iasg dhòmhsa
Icon: PDF Ist!
Icon: PDF Spòrs le Sgudal
Icon: PDF Gluasad Gleusta


Catrìona air chuairt (original)

The Catrìona Bag contains a range of materials, artefacts and activities to help teachers and other adults in delivering the Early Years curriculum in Scotland. These are the basic components within the Catrìona Bag:

Graphic: Books from Catriona air chuairt

  • one Here Comes Catrìona picture book
  • one set of ten Sràid a’ Chnuic houses
  • four small books: Am Bèicear, An Dotair, Am Fear-smàlaidh, An t-Iasgair
  • one Catrìona glove puppet
  • one Catrìona toy
  • two role-play mask templates: Catrìona the Cat; Calum the Dog
  • four stick puppet templates: the Baker, the Doctor, the Fireman, the Fisherman (you will need lolly sticks or similar to assemble puppets)
  • Image: Catrìona spinnerone Catrìona shape game (four Catrìona baseboards; four ‘shape’ cards for cutting out; one ‘shape’ dice)
  • one set of forty-eight small picture cards
  • one Catrìona lotto game (four lotto cards, sixteen counters, sixteen picture cards taken from the set of forty-eight)
  • one spinner for the feelings game: ‘Ciamar a tha thu a Chatrìona?’
  • two sheets of Catrìona reward stickers


Image: Catrìona bookAll the work supported by Catrìona is based around the character of one inquisitive young cat and her fondness for visiting her friends and neighbours. Luckily they all live in one long street, Sràid a’ Chnuic, in houses which differ in height, width, colour and shape; the number of windows varies as does their design and also the design of the front doors. Both exterior and interior views are intended to stimulate discussion and comparison since the inhabitants, too, vary according to age, gender, ethnicity and occupation. The picture book is a suitable size for reading aloud, and for sharing with a small group.

Language patterns are very important in Catrìona air Chuairt. The pattern of house number, greeting, an offer of breakfast and Catrìona’s response: Cha ghabh, tapadh leat (no thank you) is the same on each of Catrìona’s visits except the last, where she doesn’t have time to respond, so eager is she to escape from Calum, the vet’s large and enthusiastic dog! The pattern of counting forwards, established at house number 1, is reversed when Catrìona begins her flight homewards.

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Graphic: Catrìona

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