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Graphic Text : A' toirt taic do dh'fhoghlum Gàidhlig gu nàiseantaGraphic: Kids reading book
Graphic : Cànan agus Cleas

Cànan agus Cleas

This big book contains a selection of writings that can be used with children in a variety of ways. The book can be used individually or advantage can be gained by using it with worksheets.
At every stage there are ideas for ways of improving children's conversation.

Procedure for shared writing:

Image : Cànan agus Cleas CDThe teacher is a 'model' for the young writers. They demonstrate the processes an author has when they have writing to do such as :

  • Planning
  • Structuring text
  • Selecting words and constructing sentences
  • Proofing their work

To explain this, the notes are quite detailed for some of the writing examples. The same notes can be used for the remaining examples.

It is very important that at each level the children get the opportunity to speak about what they are going to write before they put pen to paper.

There are worksheets available to assist children with their writing. These are easy to ammend and can be made simpler or more difficult depending on the children's abilities.








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