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Shared Writing Posters

Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig has produced a new set of posters for upper primary school use. The posters are linked to topics that are often studied at this level and give an opportunity to improve reading skills through the Shared Writing scheme where pupils read an excerpt with assistance from the teacher, reviewing writing styles and the affect they have on the reader.
Graphic: World War II bomber

The topics are:

  • The Jacobites: ‘Geamhradh a’ Phrionnsa’ and ‘Fon Choill’
  • The Second World War: ‘Blitz Abhainn Chluaidh’ and ‘Na h-Evacuees’
  • Scotland in Victorian times: ‘Latha na mo Bheatha’ and ‘Flowerdale’

Teachers' notes and activity sheets which accompany each poster have been produced. Additionally, an A4 copy of each poster is available so that each child in the class will have their own copy. These resources are available below:

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